* Greenhouses are now open Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm *

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749 Cowan Road 
Locke, NY 13092   

Our greenhouse has over 18,000 square feet filled with gorgeous, healthy plants, and we grow everything we sell.  In the Spring our greenhouse is packed full with a wide variety of bedding plants,
vegetables, perennials, and shrubsEven in inclement weather itís nice to browse and shop.  We open the greenhouse around the beginning of May every year and close around the end of June - this year we are opening end of April !!

Grisamore Farms... 
      Displays over 1,000 hanging baskets
      Custom fills urns, hanging baskets or any other container
      Sells a large selection of containers and other gardening supplies
      Offers expert advice on planting, varieties, and other gardening topics
      Grows only the highest quality plants in our own greenhouses
New items in the greenhouse... 
      Fairy garden plants and all the accessories for an enchanting fairy garden
Huge selection of succulents- great low maintenance plants
      Beautiful and unique pots and containers
      Lots of decorative items for your patio and garden



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